New to cycletribe? Start here & call us if you have questions.


What can I expect for my first class?

Remember that regardless of the class you are taking you are riding within your ability and it is up to you to decide how hard you want to push. We suggest for the first 3 or 4 rides that you do not push yourself too far into the “discomfort” zone – as you gain fitness  you will gain confidence. All of our classes start with a warmup, we then incorporate some endurance work, some intervals and a sprint home, followed by a cooldown and stretching – all the while being accompanied by upbeat and inspirational music tracks and an encouraging and competent instructor. The goal is fun and fitness. You’re gonna love it.


Do I need a membership? Is there a late cancel/no show fee?

No - we do have unlimited memberships but you may pay for a single class or buy one of our discounted ride cards. You will need to create a free account so you can reserve a bike. You may conveniently book and pay online for any of our pricing options. If you cannot attend a class you have booked you will need to cancel, for the 5:55 am (M-F) & the 8:15 am (Sat) classes you will need to cancel by 8 pm the night before, all other classes need to be cancelled at least one hour before class starts, if you cancel after these time limits or no show you will be charged $10 if you have an unlimited option or 1 Ride if you are using a Ride Card. We often experience full classes and want to be sure everyone that wants a bike gets one. Thank you for showing respect for the Tribe.


How do I get started?

Check out the schedule online, create a free account & purchase a ride card or membership, reserve your class, then when you get here let us know it is your first time and we will make sure you are set up and ready to ride. We provide towels and filtered water for your water bottle, we also sell Fiji water. Feel free to stop by anytime before or after a class to check us out – we are happy to show you around.


What do I need for class?

You will need shorts, short  sleeves, athletic shoes or cycling-specific shoes (SPD style cleats – google this or call us). Padded cycle shorts are nice but not necessary. Bring  a bottle for water, we provide towels. Come in 10 minutes early to check in and let us know you are new and we  can get your bike set up and spend a few minutes getting you oriented with tips and suggestions on how best to enjoy your first few rides.


Cell phones?

As we are attempting to create a mindful fitness sanctuary we ask that you do not bring your cellphone into the studio, if you are a Mom or may get an emergency call, please turn off the ringer and place the phone where you can see the display, please resist checking email or texts unless it is an emergency. Your focus should be on your health and wellness and this great community environment...thanks.


Do you have showers?

We do not. However, we do have a changing room, a bathroom and cubbies for your stuff. We also provide towels and water – please bring a bottle for water.


Any deals for Newcomers?

Glad you asked, we have a $39 Unlimited 30 Day Intro available to first time riders, you will have 30 days to ride and enjoy the fun,community and great workout of cycletribe – after 30 days we think you will be convinced you do not want to miss this.