Spin? I could die!

NO you won't die, we promise.
This is the aftermath of a spin class.

Here’s what you will feel immediately:
1. Hot and sweaty.
2. A bit winded.
3. A little clumsy if it’s your first time ever in a spin class.
Here’s what you feel one hour later:
1 .Sexy because your cheeks are still glowing.
2. Empowered because you made it through the class
(EVERYONE makes it through!).
3. Giddy because the endorphin rush is pretty strong.
Here’s what you will feel the next day:
1. Well-rested because you actually used up some physical
energy and slept better.
2. A bounce in your step because you are still riding the
endorphin high.
3. A craving for your next class because all of the above was
pretty rad.
If you continue to take classes, here’s what you will feel like in three weeks:
1. Lighter. Spin has this funny way of making weight
pour off of you.
2. Smiling 90% of the time because the endorphins are now
flowing through your body 24/7.
3. Glowing, clear skin because sweat cleans you out and the
natural flush stay with you.
So if anything, spin classes make you feel “alive” not like “dying. The secret’s out. See you in a class!