Mike Mac Transforms Himself

After a bad car accident 4 years ago, Mike MacArthur was no longer able to move his body like he used to and suffered great pain when he did. To repair his body, the doctors had to put a steel rod in his leg and teach him how to walk again. It took 2 years just to learn how to walk again. Even after his recovery, walking was extremely painful so his girlfriend, now fiancé, had to inject his legs to help with the pain.

As time went on the pain of trying to exercise was too much and resulted in an overall decline in health and significant weight gain. Coming from an athletic background and not being able to exercise was really frustrating. Finally his doctor told him he had to do something to change.

His friend, and cycletribe Instructor Scott Kennedy, kept encouraging him to come try a ride. After a month, Mike finally decided to face his fears on July 14th 2015 and took his first ride at our tribe. For at least two weeks after his first ride he “still felt very nervous” about riding even with all the positive energy at the studio, but being on the bike allowed him to move his body again without pain.

Mike has been riding with us for almost a year now and he has lost 60lbs, he looks brighter, feels energized and alive again. We are so proud of you Mike!! Our hearts literally smile knowing your story of transformation. You are truly an inspiration to keep moving forward and working hard to live the life you imagine. Thank you for having the courage to ride, join our community and share your story.