That Moment You Fell In LOVE, But Didn't Expect To

Truth be told, I didn’t want to go to cycletribe the first time I went. A friend wanted to try it out and convinced me to go with her. I’d never done spin before, I thought it was going to be too hard for me, why would I ride a bike that isn’t going anywhere…. haha, little did I know. I loved it and have been riding 3-4 times a week ever since! My whole life is better because if it. Seriously. Like, all of it.


I’ve dealt with chronic depression and anxiety since I was a teenager, but riding has made me better able to handle the ebbs and flows of those challenges. I’ve even been able to stop taking a medication I’d been on for years. It’s also helping me get through a particularly tough family situation that otherwise would have caused me more anxiety and more weight gain.


My exercise routine was super inconsistent before Cycletribe. I had tried a few other things, but nothing stuck because I wasn’t really enjoying it. It was just a workout for the sake of working out. I have more energy now. I started biking to work a couple days a week. We used to crash on the couch and order food in almost every night, but I’ve started cooking more! We’re eating much healthier and even saving some money by making our own meals.




Riding has made friendships and my marriage stronger. I still come to classes with the friend who brought me to Cycletribe originally, and now my husband joins us too. My husband and I love our Saturday routine! We do the 8am ride, go to a farmer’s market and then on to whatever else we’ve got planned for the day. I’ve also made a few new friends with the wonderful people in class!


I continue to ride for my health: mental and physical. I’m motivated by seeing so many changes spill over into my everyday life. I love seeing my body getting stronger and leaner. There’s an uphill trail behind our apartment I used to struggle to walk up, but now I can walk up it with a consistent pace and zero breaks! Clothes are fitting better. I feel more confident and more in control of how I react to stressful situations. I feel peaceful. My head is always calm and clear after a ride.


I love how cycletribe is a fun, safe bubble where the outside world doesn’t exist for 45 minutes. As soon as the playlist starts and we get into the ride, I forget about work, the laundry, the next thing on my car that needs fixed… my whole world becomes me, my bike and the music. The community is so great too. Jayme, John, and all the instructors make you feel welcome right from the get-go. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first ride or your thousandth ride, they’ll make you feel like you belong.


If you struggle with exercise, you’ve got to find the thing you love to do. Getting a workout in used to feel like a chore and an inconvenience for me, but making sure I get my rides in each week feels completely natural. I’ve gone from a person who would bail on an exercise class if someone invited me out after work, to the girl who says “My spin class ends at 6:15, can I meet you at 6:30?”  



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